The iTrail Compact Passive GPS Tracker

As a GPS technology continues to mature it offers the American consumer more practical applications for everyday use. One such use comes by way of the iTrail compact passive GPS tracker from SleuthGear. The iTrail is one of the most reliable GPS trackers on the market despite its compact size and unassuming looks. With this […]

Installing iTrail Drivers and Software

The ITrail from SleuthGear is a passive GPS tracker enabling you to map locations and speeds using proprietary software and both Google maps and Google Earth. Unfortunately, the drivers and software currently only supports the Windows OS. Mac and Linux users will have to find another device or use a virtual machine running Windows as […]

Legalities of Tracking with the iTrail GPS Tracker

The iTrail from SleuthGear has been one of the leading passive GPS tracking devices since its introduction to the market in 2010. People have used this compact device to keep track of children, spouses, company vehicles, personal vehicles, and more. But the question of legality is frequently on the minds of users. Some of the […]

Planting the iTrail on a Vehicle

If you’re thinking about tracking a vehicle using a GPS device, the iTrail makes a great option. The iTrail is a compact passive GPS device made by SleuthGear that can easily be planted in a car, in a child’s backpack, or just about anyplace else you need. If you are planning to use one on […]

iTrail GPS Logger Compatibility with Mac and Linux

The iTrail GPS Logger from SleuthGear is an entry-level passive logger for personal use when real-time tracking is not an issue. Data is retrieved by connecting the device to your Windows-based PC, downloading the log file, and viewing it using the proprietary software. Unfortunately, though the iTrail drivers and software are both fully functional for […]

Tips for Passive GPS Tracking

If you’ve ever used a GPS tracking device, like the iTrail for example, you know how valuable they can be in gleaning necessary information. But like any electronic device there are some tips and tricks that will make the results more reliable. We have included our five best tips for the SleuthGear iTrail GPS Logger […]